Augmented Earth is an app for people who want to explore the world.

Imagine visiting a new city and learning about how people built that city, or having a treasure hunt with your family where the clues from one place help you figure out the secret key to the next location, eventually leading to the final report that reveals the final clue to the game. Imagine visiting a national park and learning interesting things about all the places in the park. In short, Augmented Earth provides a platform so that we can appreciate how interesting the world really is. No more sitting around the TV set with your family out of boredom. Now you can get out, go exploring, and have a great time doing it.

Augmented Earth is a system where users can create and save reports linked to specific geographical places. Other users, when they are exploring near that location, will see these reports on Augmented Earth and can read them. It’s a simple idea with a huge impact on how we, the residents of Earth, are able to enjoy this amazing world. When Augmented Earth is populated with millions of records, we’ll be able to go out and learn about our history, scientific facts, and the interesting things people have done at different places. Augmented Earth also provides a platform for geographic games, like treasure hunts.