Augmented Earth was created with a mutliplatform development environment, LiveCode. It also uses quite a bit of HTML5/javascript and could be fairly called a hybrid app. It was inspired by playing Pokemon Go, but feeling quite dissatisfied. It is fun to go out and hunt imaginary critters. This taps into the human hunting instinct. However, unless you really enjoy Pokemon battles, the reward for the hunt, capturing new Pokemon, just is not rewarding to many people.

Augmented Earth provides a similar experience of going out and hunting, but what you catch are interesting nuggets of information. While some reports can be read remotely, other reports (as determined by the report creator) can only be read if you are physically in the area. For the best experience of Augmented Earth, people need to get out in the world and go places. The experience of learning interesting facts about a place is much richer when you are physically there.

Augmented Earth will be released to the public in summer, 2017.