Rules 🙁

Yes, we must have rules. Augmented Earth is meant to be enjoyed by families around the world. The following rules and encouraged content will help keep Augmented Earth good for everyone. Users who break these rules may be banned and even reported to legal authorities, if appropriate. Offensive posts will be removed.

Things Not to Do

No badmouthing other people: Augmented Earth is NOT a platform for posting derogatory comments about other people. Users who post insulting or accusatory posts on Augmented Earth will be banned and the offensive posts will be removed. The content of the offensive posts may be saved offline, if possible legal actions are involved. Users must acknowledge that they are legally responsible for their posts and will accept any legal judgments brought against them for committing libel or slander.

No sexually offensive content: Pornographic content is not allowed. This includes offensive imagery, videos, and descriptions of sexual activities. If you want to post about hooking up at a location, avoid detailed descriptions. For example, just say that you met a woman at a bar and the two of you kissed. DO NOT describe all of the other adult activities that may have occurred.

No using Augmented Earth for illegal activities: This means users are not allowed to promote illegal businesses and not allowed to use Augmented Earth to sell or advertise illegal products or services, according to both the laws where they live and the laws where they are traveling when they make posts. Users who break this rule will be banned and reported to legal authorities. The offensive posts will be removed.

No racially or ethnically offensive posts: DO NOT use Augmented Earth to insult people based on race, ethnicity, or national origin. Users who break this rule will be banned and the offensive posts will be removed.

No autoload videos: Autoload videos are rude and, to be honest, are a form of theft. Linking to videos is encouraged. It might be a great way to provide content. However, the user must have the option to click a link to watch the videos or to not click. Videos use a lot of data, which could be quite expensive for users.

No malicious software and no linking to sites that use malicious software: Users who attempt to use Augmented Earth for spreading malicious software, like computer viruses, worms, and Trojans, will be reported to legal authorities.

No excessive categorizing: Please just choose the categories that fit each report. For example, if a report is fictional, just call it fiction. Do not also call it history. We have an alternative history category specifically for fictional histories, such as Augly’s origin story.

No plagiarism: Please write your own reports. Do not just copy and paste from other sources. If, for example, you want to connect a Wikipedia article to a specific location, just write a brief report about the subject and link to the Wikipedia article.

Do not post restricted information: Even though reports can be password-protected, Augmented Earth is NOT a secure mechanism for delivering information. Any halfway decent hacker could break through and read a password-protected posting. If you need to share restricted information, just use a high-quality encrypted email system.

No harassing other users: Augmented Earth includes a chat feature, so that you can directly contact the people who post reports. At our discretion, we have the option to intervene in conflicts and even ban users who harass other users. Please keep it friendly.

No using Augmented Earth for fleet management: We are not sure how you would even do this, but our map providers require us to disallow this activity.


Encouraged Content:

Historical events: Please feel free to add any major or minor historical events. This even includes very minor events that are interesting.

Interesting facts: Every location on Earth has something interesting about it. For example, a random spot in the open ocean could be the location of a shipwreck, or the place where an asteroid hit the Earth. A random hillside off of the interstate could actually be the place where you proposed to your wife.

Fiction: The only thing better than reading a good book is reading it while being physically in the location where the story takes place. It really brings the words to life.

Games: Forget sitting around watching television. Get out and do stuff!!! Augmented Earth’s password feature lets you block reports unless the user knows the secret password. This lets you create treasure hunts and other games based on finding clues.

Organizational reports: Companies, government organizations, nonprofit organizations, religious groups, and other organizations are encouraged to use Augmented Earth for whatever legal purposes they want, as long as they do not violate the terms of service. Augmented Earth could be a great way to advertise specials and announce upcoming events.

Art: Are you an artist? Are you a professional photographer or videographer? Please feel free to post or link to your work. Imagine how much better a landscape painting will be for users if they can be in the location where you painted the landscape while seeing your work.

Other content: Do you have other ideas for Augmented Earth content? Please feel free to email us at to suggest new categories.